Andrea Longacre White, Not Yet Titled

Andrea Longacre White, "Not Yet Titled"

Andrea Longacre-White


Andrea Longacre-White’s practice similarly navigates a space between object and image, endlessly photographing and re-photographing prints until it becomes impossible to discern where each image began and ends. Longacre-white begins by taking a photograph, realizing it as a print, then endlessly tearing, warping, and altering the prints to be re-photographed so that the process may begin again. When presented in the gallery space, this endlessly iterative process is never presented as a linear process, emphasizing the loose and variegated relationship individuals have towards their own processes of organization and image reception.

Longacre-White received a BA from Hampshire College in 2003 and more recently attended the Royal College of Art from 2004 to 2005. Recent solo exhibitions include Pad Scans at West Street Gallery, NY and Dark Current at Rental Gallery also in NY.
Recent group exhibitions include Free curated by Lauren Cornell at the New Museum and Blind Cut curated by Jonah Freeman and Vera Neykov at Marlborough Gallery. Her work will also be exhibited in the group show Image Object at Foxy Production opening Friday, June 1st.