Ben Schumacher, Blue Agave

Ben Schumacher, "Blue Agave"

Ben Schumacher

(b. 1985, Kitchener, Canada)


“Blue Agave,” 2011
Glass, Stur-D Vitamin water, water, silicone adhesive, metal wall mounts
Performance Anxiety


Sculptor Ben Schumacher’s Blue Demon (2010), named after a variety of the energy drink Full Throttle, utilizes sealed glass panels, window tinting, and the sports drink to create a gradient totem recalling both the traditional painterly technique as well as user-generated web 1.0 images. Using equal parts newfound and conventional media, Schumacher often juxtaposes a sculptural armature (often beams and wire mesh from window screening) with contemporary materials, such as the performance-enhancing beverage used in Blue Demon, to suggest the potential effectiveness of the language of traditional sculpture for analyzing the continually reinvented condition of the present. Layers of transparency and textures exist at the center of his work, the ends of which occupy both physical and virtual space. With Iman Issa, Schumacher was recently featured in a two-person exhibition at SculptureCenter in Long Island City, New York. He lives and works in Brooklyn.