Oliver Laric, Frieze Stock Footage

Oliver Laric, "Frieze Stock Footage"

Oliver Laric

(b. 1981, Germany)


“Frieze Stock Footage” 2011
HD video projection

Images Rendered Bare. Vacant. Recognizable.


Oliver Laric’s “Frieze Stock Footage” begins with a commission from the Frieze Foundation and an impressive budget. Rather than plan a series of events or erect a monumental sculpture as per art fair custom, Laric decided to source two of the most expensive cameras in the world—the Arri Alexa and Phantom—to create an online library of free stock media. The footage, recorded during 2011’s Frieze Art Fair, is public domain material and can be downloaded for free and used without restrictions. All footage shown within “Images Rendered Bare…” can be downloaded for free at http://friezestockfootage.friezeartfair.com/.

Laric’s previous works deal with the politics of the image in the digital age. His video “Versions” (2009-ongoing) meditates on the lack of autonomy of the image in the digital age, and has been exhibited widely. Laric is co-founder of the well-respected image-only online exhibition space vvork.com. Recent exhibitions include Kopienkritik at Skulpturhalle Basel, curated by Raffael Dörig, and a solo exhibition at Seventeen. Laric lives and works in Berlin and is represented by Seventeen Gallery in London.