Rachel Reupke, 10 Seconds or Greater

Rachel Reupke, "10 Seconds or Greater"

Rachel Reupke

(b. 1971, England)


“10 Seconds or Greater,” 2009, 15 minutes
Color, Sound (stereo), HD Video

Images Rendered Bare. Vacant. Recognizable.


Formally based on the production of royalty-free stock footage, “10 Seconds or Greater” maps the logical progression of a director through a check list of popular scenarios designed to illustrate such commercially lucrative concepts as “communication,” “relaxation” and “healthy living.” Four young actors, two women and two men, good-looking, slim and sensibly dressed, perform a series of domestic rituals in their ready-furnished apartment. From shot to shot, drinking red wine, preparing food, using wireless technology and working out, progressive variations in role and nuance of social convention are played out while superficially mirroring contemporary trends and popular symbols of personal and professional success.

Compiled as an “assembly edit” of shots, long fluid camera movements remain whole, leaving visible all available material. The result is a film whose attention wanders between action and art direction, laying equal emphasis on props, performance, emotional and technical content. “10 Seconds or Greater” was commissioned by Picture This and Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network (FLAMIN) as part of the Bristol Mean Time Residency, with additional support from The Elephant Trust.

Reupke lives and works in London. Her work has been shown internationally including screenings at The Whitechapel Gallery (London), ICA (London), Tate Modern (London) and Pompidou Centre (Paris). Her work is distributed by LUX.