Sean Raspet, Arrangement 63

Sean Raspet, “Arrangement 63 (OBSCENITY TRIAL (2)), ((2007)-2012) 2011”

Sean Raspet

(b.1981, United States)


“Untitled (Police Incident (2)) 3, ((2007-2012)” 2007-2011”
Commercially printed mugs, Styrofoam shipping containers
“Arrangement 63 (OBSCENITY TRIAL (2)), ((2007)-2012) 2011”
Commercially printed vinyl and mesh vinyl banners, electrical conduit, steel cable

Images Rendered Bare. Vacant. Recognizable.


Sean Raspet’s work focuses on circularities of time and logic that operate across multiple spheres of everyday life. His work considers the ‘extra-material’ materiality of processes of circulation and administration, as well as the parallel cycles of financial capital and the image economy. Present here is the idea of stock photography as an all-encompassing parallel world–one that exhibits an autonomous, self-reflexive, structure analogous to a feedback loop or mise en abyme. With his installation of commercially produced banners and mugs, Raspet posits that both photography and finance are systems that, through their internal logics, create new, fabricated realities.

Raspet’s recent solo exhibitions include Société (Berlin), The Kitchen, and Daniel Reich Gallery. His work is currently on view at SculptureCenter’s In Practice exhibition. Currently pursuing an MFA at UCLA, Raspet is represented by Société. He lives and works in Los Angeles.