Steven Cairns, Untitled

Steven Cairns, "Untitled"

Steven Cairns

(b. 1983, Scotland, lives and works in Dundee / London)
“Untitled,” 2012
Paper, mounting board
Deleuze & Co.
Schlieren photography, invented by the German physicist August Toepler in 1864 to document the flow of varying densities, figures prominently in Steven Cairns’s collages as a source of illumination of that which is normally invisible. Framed, portrait-like, and superimposed over the subject, what is intended to illuminate rather obscures. Through formal interactions and juxtaposition Cairns subtly explores representation and identity.

Cairns graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in 2006, and served as the co-editor of the Scottish art quarterly, MAP Magazine, until 2011. Cairns, a regular contributor to Artforum International and frieze, is the Film Curator at the ICA London.