Timur Si Qin, Axe Effect

Timur Si Qin, "Axe Effect"

Timur Si-Qin

(b. 1984 Berlin, Germany)


“Axe Effect”, 2011
Fantasy Sword, Rise Axe bodywash, Cool Metal Axe bodywash, Phoenix Axe bodywash , pedestal, Cork-Flex handle bar tape
“Axe Effect”, 2011
Three samurai swords, wall mounted samurai sword rack, 4 Click Axe bodywash, 4 Smoothing Axe bodywash, 4 Sensitive Axe bodywash
Performance Anxiety


In the work of Timur Si-Qin, symbols of excess and luxury are used to critique the trappings of a globalized society in the digital age. He frequently positions hygiene products as the axis of his commentary, and examines the relationship between the ritualized use of these products and their purported improvement of life quality, often acting as a contemporary manifestation of Darwin’s theory of natural selection. In particular, Axe Effect (2011)’s various iterations refer to an advertising campaign that mirrored consumer desire by crafting an alluring fiction around the Axe line of products for its intended audience. Si-Qin’s oeuvre has rich visual associations, from Barnett Newman’s “zips” and Lynda Benglis’ pools of latex to the column structures of Donald Judd and Anne Truitt. Based in Berlin, Si-Qin has been exhibited widely in Europe, including two current solo exhibitions at Société, Berlin; and Fluxia, Milan, and has been featured stateside in exhibitions at Reference (Richmond, VA); Contemporary Art Center (Cincinnati, OH); California State University (Sacramento, CA); and the Sullivan Galleries at the School of the Art Institute (Chicago, IL). Performance Anxiety marks Si-Qin’s first New York exhibition.